Trade Without Borders Logo - Making a World of Difference, One Trade at a Time
Trade Without Borders Logo - Making a world of difference, one trade at a time

Our Targeted Sectors

Trade Without Borders’ initial focus is on the ENVIRONMENT sector.  Within this sector, our focus is on protecting the environment for future generations while providing individuals, households and entire communities with a leap of technology access to decentralized, clean and renewable energy solutions.  These renewable energy, waste-to-energy and hybrid energy solutions create a triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental impact. 

Over time, we expect to extend global trading services to as many as six different sectors.   The Trade Without Borders logo features 6 intersecting lines.  Each set of intersecting lines is an adaptation of the Chinese symbol for person ("人").  So, essentially, the logo shows 6 persons linked together.  Each “person” also represents each of the 6 Development sectors TWB targets: Water & Sanitation; Food, Agriculture & Fisheries; Health Care; Housing; Education; the Environment.