Trade Without Borders Logo - Making a World of Difference, One Trade at a Time
Trade Without Borders Logo - Making a world of difference, one trade at a time

Our Global Organization

Trade Without Borders is a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in the U.S.A. We collaborate with a commercial trading affiliate in Hong Kong to extend global trading services to communities at the Base of the Pyramid. In addition, we are building a global network of inclusive manufacturing and distribution partners. Working together, we all focus on TWB's singular mission of sustainable development through inclusive trade.

While TWB is global in scope and scale, our initial activities are focused on the Philippines and Malaysia (Southeast Asia), India and Sri Lanka (South Asia), as well as East Africa.  We are working with inclusive distribution partners in each of these markets, and focused on scaling up our activities within the Environment Sector in each region.  We are also expanding and continue to seek like-minded, inclusive distribution and manufacturing partners in other regions.  We welcome you to partner with us in creating Sustainable Development Through Inclusive Trade.

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